A Truly Scary Development

Around the time the Twins were being swept out of the 2010 playoffs by the Yankees, I had drafted a post comparing the New York Yankees to a professional wrestling villain. It was surely a brilliant work of literature, but it didn’t meet the high editorial standards of CW, so it was relegated to the WordPress trash bin.

I was reminded of that post while updating myself on the Derek Jeter contract controversey.

On one level, the tabloid-ish fill to the whole affair is somewhat delicious being that the player in the center of it all is constantly praised for the “great character” it takes to stay out of tabloids and police blotters. Additionally, it must be a bitter pill for Jeter-lovers everywhere to discover that Yankees management, of all people, do not buy in to the Jeter hype. I’ll admit, it’s hard not to enjoy the daily updates for these very reasons.

Still, there is a disturbing undercurrent to the ordeal. Is it possible that the Yankees are turning a corner as an organization? Might they actually begin to leverage the financial advantages of being the Yankees by making intelligent, statistically informed baseball decisions instead of throwing large sums of money at marginal free agents?

Nah, I prefer to think that they will ultimately listen to the star-crossed media-types who are indignant that the icon of a generation might have to make ends meet on a mere $15 million-per-year salary and give in to the Captain’s demands.

That would be a characteristic of the Yankees we know and hate.

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