Half-Baked Hall Profile: John McGraw

John McGraw (1873-1934)


3B, SS, OF
Baltimore Orioles (NL) 1891-1899
St. Louis Cardinals 1900
Baltimore Orioles (AL) 1901-1902
New York Giants 1902-1906

Baltimore Orioles (NL) 1899
Baltimore Orioles (AL) 1901-1902
New York Giants 1902-1932

Career WAR: 45.6

Best Season: 1899 .391/.447/.546/.994 168 OPS+ 124 BB 24 K 8.0 WAR

Quote: “McGraw eats gunpowder every morning for breakfast and washes it down with warm blood” – Artie Latham

Known For: Mostly for managing. Was the Giants’ skipper for 30 years. In that time his teams won 10 pennants and 3 World Series. From his SABR Bio:

The pugnacious McGraw’s impact on the game, moreover, was even greater than his record suggests. As a player he helped develop “inside baseball,” which put a premium on strategy and guile, and later managed like he’d played, seeking out every advantage for his Giants.

Nicknames: Mugsy, Little Napoleon

HOF Facial Hair?: Facial Hair? No need. And shave those sideburns or you’re off the team!

Is this professional wrestling or baseball?: It is entirely possible that John McGraw’s tactics as a player, such as tripping or blocking players while the umpire wasn’t looking, is the reason that baseball added multiple umpires to each game. There is no evidence that McGraw hit any opponents with folding chairs.

Batting Stance: McGraw choked up on the bat. While that eliminated most of his power potential, it was said that he could place the ball wherever he wanted.

The first canceled World Series: In 1904 McGraw refused to let his Giants play against Boston in what would have been the second World Series. McGraw didn’t get along with Ban Johnson during the manager’s brief time in the American League, and decided to keep his team out of the series to spite the AL President.

Last appearance: At the age of 60, McGraw managed his last game: opposite Connie Mack in the first ever All Star Game. He died less than a year later.

Voter Comments:

“With 76% of the vote, John McGraw makes into the Half-Baked Hall on his fourth try. As a player? As a manager? As a player-manager? The world will never know.” – Beau

WGOM Election Results Page

Actual HOF Page

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