Half-Baked Hall Profile: Dan Brouthers


Dan Brouthers 1858-1932

First Baseman
Troy Trojans 1879-1880
Buffalo Bisons 1881-1885
Detroit Wolverines 1886-1888
Boston Beaneaters 1889
Boston Reds 1890-1891
Brooklyn Grooms 1892-1893
Baltimore Orioles 1894-1895
Louisville Cardinals 1895
Philadelphia Phillies 1896
New York Giants 1904


Brouthers really was a great hitter, one of the most powerful batters of all time. Big Dan in his prime, against the present-day pitching and the modern lively ball, would have hit as many home runs as anybody. I don’t think I ever saw a longer hitter. – John McGraw

Career WAR: 79.4

Best Season: 1886 .370/.445/.581/1.026 208 OPS+ 284 TB 40 2B 15 3B 11 HR

Nickname: Big Dan

HOF Facial Hair: Borderline

Known For: A dominating hitter of his era, he was among the league leaders in most offensive categories during his prime. Held the major league record for slugging percentage (.519) for players with at least 4,000 at bats until Ty Cobb passed him in 1922. Played in four different decades. Won five batting titles.

The Bad: Literally killed an opposing catcher in a collision at home plate in a semi-professional game in 1877. The 19-year-old Brouthers was cleared of wrongdoing by the police.

Connection to the Twins: Made Bill James’ list of players most like Kent Hrbek by decade.

Respected by his peers: Brouthers was elected vice president of the first organized player’s union.

Intangibiles: Brought his Irish Setter “Kelly” to games when he was a member of the Baltimore Orioles. The dog would sit in the player’s area and watch the game.

Voter Comments:

I think he should get voted in. And his plaque can say something like “We’re kind of dog people.” – Philosopher

WGOM Election Results Page

Actual HOF Page

2 Responses to Half-Baked Hall Profile: Dan Brouthers

  1. Beau says:

    Wow, I did not know about the killing thing. Perhaps that should have gone on his plaque

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