2002 ALCS Game 5

October 13, 2002

Where the hell’s everybody at? Must be watching the celebration. Couldn’t stop them today. Just got down to that. They’re on a roll. We threw everything we had at them. We took a lead and feel pretty good about it. Those guys are, they just keep playing.

And they keep swinging, and goodness gracious, I don’t know I’ve ever seen an inning like that. We couldn’t get anybody out. They were hitting balls through holes, over, bullets. You tip your hat to those guys. They were playing the game. They were really getting after it.

We played pretty hard and we did it all year long like that. But they’re playing the game over there. That’s a great baseball team. I tip my hat to Mike (Scioscia) and his staff. Great job.

Ron Gardenhire

The Angels used a 10-run seventh inning to win their fourth straight game over the Twins and advanced to the World Series after a 13-5 win at Edison Field.

The Angels’ big inning came just after the Twins had taken a 5-3 lead with three runs in the top half of the inning. Mienkiewicz, Mohr, and Pierzynski hit consecutive one-out singles and all three eventually scored.

The Angels responded with a monster inning in which the Twins were not able to record their first out until the eighth batter of the inning. All told, the home team had nine singles, a home run, a walk, a hit batter, and a wild pitch in the seventh inning. The Twins used four pitchers in the inning.


1. Adam Kennedy 0.63
2. Scott Spezio 0.21
3. AJ Pierzynski 0.18

A couple of future stars provided the worst WPA of the game

1. Johan Santana -0.47
2. Francisco Rodoriguez -0.27



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