2002 ALDS Game 2

October 2, 2002

Once again the A’s took an early lead, but this time there was no miraculous comeback by the Twins.

The good news was that Cristian Guzman hit a home run in the 6th inning.

Unfortunately for the Twins, that made the score 9-1 Oakland.

The A’s scored three runs in the first inning on a three-run home run by Eric Chavez. They added five more in the fourth inning. Joe Mays was knocked out after Miguel Tejada’s RBI double made the score 4-0. Ultimately, he was credited with six earned runs on nine Oakland hits.

“I didn’t do my job,” Mays said. “They were going after the sinker down and away, and I didn’t effectively pitch inside. That’s what I get. They know I’m a sinkerball pitcher, and they just went out there and got it.”

Tony Fiore, who took over for Mays, didn’t do much better, allowing a bases-clearing triple to David Justice and an RBI double to Mark Ellis in the same inning. Fiore also allowed an RBI single in the fifth.

The final score was 9-1. By the end, the Twins were glad to have earned a split in the first two games on the West Coast, but felt they missed an opportunity to head home up 2-0.

The A’s starting pitcher was the most valuable player according to WPA.

1. Mark Mulder 0.19
2. Eric Chavez 0.173. Scott Hatteberg 0.06

Not shocking to see a duo of Twins pitchers in the bottom two.

1. Joe Mays -0.22
2. Tony Fiore -0.08


AJ Pierzynski’s diary

2 Responses to 2002 ALDS Game 2

  1. Beau says:

    My 7th grade diary was less boring than that.

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