The Franchise 1999 (Part 1)

1999 Minnesota Twins

Manager Tom Kelly 14th season (14th with Minnesota 986-1074)
63 W 97 L 1 T 686 RS 845 RA 5th AL Central 33.0 GB (Cleveland 97-65)
4.26 RPG (AL = 5.18) 5.00 ERA (AL = 4.86)
.684 DER (7th AL)

All Stars (1) Ron Coomer

Franchise (1901-1999) 7266-7990-111; 27-29 Post Season; 19-21 WS
Washington (1901-1960) 4214-4864-104; 8-11 WS
Minnesota (1961-1999) 3048-3126-7; 19-18 Post Season; 11-10 WS

While prospects had started trickling onto the major league roster starting in 1997, the team didn’t really experience an all out youth movement until 1999. The average age for hitters on the Twins dropped from 29.8 in 1998 to 26.8 in 1999; for pitchers it dropped from 28.7 to 26.3. Overall, the Tom Kelly played 17 rookies in 1999.

For the Twins 1999 was a case of history repeating itself. The team lost 97 games, the most losses for the franchise since 1982, another year in which a number of rookies and young players were thrown into the major leagues. It took that team – the Gaettis and Hrbeks and Violas, two seasons to get to the .500 mark, and five total to get to the World Series. It would also take this version of the Twins two seasons to reach .500, and three to become the dominant team in the AL Central.

While 1999 was clearly a down season for the team, it was not without its highlights. Eric Milton threw a no-hitter in September. Corey Koskie had a very good season at third base, winning the job from the team’s lone all star representative.

The season ended on an odd note, when a 1-1 game against the White Sox was called due to rain, wind, and cold in the middle of the 7th inning. Mercifully, the umpires put the season out of its misery a few innings early.

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