Memorial Day Link Dump

One of the internet rabbit holes I went down earlier this week led me to my own interview with former Twin reliever Doug Corbett from the summer of 2007. Reading through this took me back. Doug was very candid throughout the interview, with the possible exception of the All-Star game shoe issue. One of my favorites was his story about Mike Marshall:

The only thing about Mike that I did not like was when my mom was visiting and I wanted to give her an autographed ball from the team. When I asked Mike, he declined. When I explained it was for my mom, he responded, “So what, I won’t sign for my mom either.” He was one of the first people I looked up on to see how many cards he had autographed. Pretty slim pickings!

He also responded to the accusation that he used the spitball:

I only threw one wet pitch in 1981, yet was ranked as the #2 spitter in baseball behind Bob Stanley in one publication. I never denied throwing one. That was a mental edge I felt I had. The one wet pitch I threw was to Mark Belanger in Baltimore. It was a day game and hotter than blue blazes. I was putting my necklace back inside my jersey and my fingers came out soaking wet. I thought to myself, self, why not? The worst thing you can do is hit the back stop with it. If it works, who knows what benefit may come from it. I gripped it, let it go, the ball was coming in about mid-thigh, Belangers’ eyes got as big as saucers as he saw the location and he swung. The ball dropped out of sight, Mark spun around in a circle then yelled out, “I’m hitting .220, why me?” There’s that mental edge I was referring to. I knew he would return to the dugout cursing to his teammates like Eddie Murray, Ken Singleton, etc., about the spitter I just threw him in a meaningless game. With the stuff I threw I needed all the mental edge I could get.

The interview is worth reading in full. Here is part one, and part two.

Billy Hamilton update: .257/.297/.347/.644 slash line. Not good. 18/24 stolen bases. That’s a lot of times caught for the fastest man in the majors.

I don’t have any great ideas for the name of the game, but I’m probably going to buy it.

While the Twins have been more than watchable this year, I am also enjoying the woes of the defending champs. Speaking of entertaining: here’s an article about Cap’n Jeter’s defensive woes. It’s slightly dated, but a pretty good analysis of good shortstops versus, well, Jeter.

I watched the Champions League Final on Saturday and was hoping against hope that Diego Costa scored a goal so we could hear more about this controversial horse placenta treatment he received in Serbia for his hamstring. Additionally, had Costa scored, there would have been a better chance that Atletico Madrid would have defeated neighbors Real Madrid. The 4-1 score line was not indicative of the quality of the game overall, but it was soiled for me by Cristiano Ronaldo’s late penalty kick and subsequent shirt removal.

While we’re talking about the good kind of football, I was a little shocked that there was not room for Landon Donovan on Team USA’s World Cup roster. This shed a little bit of light on the decision. Still, Donovan is responsible for the moment that made me fall in love with the world’s game.

It seems like everything has potential to make you fat.

Finally, at the risk of linking myself too much, here’s my Memorial Day reflection from 2008. That was my grandfather on my father’s side. Exactly a year ago from this Memorial Day, my grandmother on my mother’s side passed away, so this Memorial Day takes on some additional meaning for my family.





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