The Franchise 1997 (Part 1)

1997 Minnesota Twins

Manager Tom Kelly 12th season (12th with Minnesota 853-885)
68 W 94 L 772 RS 861 RA 4th AL Central 18.5 GB (Cleveland 86-75)
4.77 RPG (AL = 4.93) 5.00 ERA (AL = 4.56)
.681 DER (10th AL)

All Stars (1) Chuck Knoblauch

Franchise (1901-1997) 7133-7801-110; 27-29 Post Season; 19-21 WS
Washington (1901-1960) 4214-4864-104; 8-11 WS
Minnesota (1961-1996) 2915-2937-6; 19-18 Post Season; 11-10 WS

If there was some hope for Twins fans based on 1996, it was dashed in 1997. The team suffered through its most miserable season since 1982 while marking the 10th anniversary of the 1987 World Series. There were some things that went right, including Brad Radke’s great season, but for the most part 1997 was forgettable. Terry Steinbach was the big offseason addition, but he failed to produce as he had the year before. Chuck Knoblauch had another great season but demanded a trade, and, perhaps worst of all, there was this.

1997 was the start of regular season interleague play. The Twins played their first game against a National League opponent on Friday, June 13 with an 8-1 victory over the Astros in Houston. Overall, the team went 7-8 in interleague play, but outscored NL opponents 76-59.

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