The Franchise 1993 (Part 2)

Roster/Stats (Pitchers)
Bold = Player new to Minnesota in 1993

SP Kevin Tapani 12-15 4.43 ERA 98 ERA+ 1.32 WHIP 3.71 FIP 2.8 WAR
Kevin Tapani in 1993 looked very similar to Kevin Tapani in 1992, the main difference that he essentially flipped his won/loss record. Accordingly, everybody wondered what had happened to Tapani.

SP Scott Erickson 8-19 5.19 ERA 84 ERA+ 1.50 WHIP 4.05 FIP 1.0 WAR
Erickson came into his final two starts of the 1993 season with the chance to join Pedro Ramos (1961) in the Twins’ 20-loss club. He earned a no-decision in both, including a 6 1/3 inning effort at Fenway Park in a Twins’ loss. He still ended the season with a league-worst 19 losses, but gained some credit from Tom Kelly for “being competitive enough to stare down 20 losses.”

SP Willie Banks 11-12 4.04 ERA 107 ERA+ 1.54 WHIP 4.09 FIP 2.4 WAR
Banks had some success in his first full season in the majors, and may have been the best of the Twins rotation in 1993. Still, the former first round pick was not developing as quickly as the Twins would have liked, so his success meant that his trade value peaked. The Twins sent him to Chicago in exchange for Matt Walbeck and Dave Stevens. As it turned out, 1993 was Banks’ best career season. He bounced around the league playing for six different teams. Banks became a somewhat effective bullpen arm, but never reached the promise that he seemed to have as a first round pick.

SP Jim Deshaies 11-13 4.41 ERA 99 ERA+ 1.25 WHIP 4.92 FIP 2.6 WAR
Jim Deshaies had been a very effective starter for the Houston Astros in the latter part of the 1980’s, but was considered a reclamation project when the Twins signed him as a free agent after the 1992 season. By mid-season, Deshaies was considered the most reliable starter in the rotation. Deshaies’ success led to a late August trade with the contending San Francisco Giants in which the Twins picked up three players, to most recognizable of which was reliever Aaron Fultz who, at the time, was still seven years away from his major league debut. Immediately after the season ended, Deshaies became a free agent and ultimately signed to return to Minnesota for the 1994 season.

SP Eddie Guardado 3-8 6.18 ERA 70 ERA+ 1.68 WHIP 4.97 FIP -0.6 WAR
When Pat Mahomes started the season 0-5 with an 11.29 ERA, the Twins looked to 22-year old Eddie Guardado to fill in the final spot in the rotation. Guardado was drafted by the Twins in the 21st round of the 1990 draft. His 16 starts in 1993 would represent over half of his career starts when his career ended 17 years later.

CL Rick Aguilera 4-3 3.11 ERA 140 ERA+ 1.02 WHIP 3.60 FIP 2.3 WAR
While the rest of the team struggled, the one area in which the Twins were set was at the closer position. There were plenty of rumors at the end of the season – the Atlanta Braves were the most often mentioned team, but Aguilera would return to the Twins for 1994.

RP Mike Trombley 6-6 4.88 ERA 89 ERA+ 1.50 WHIP 4.36 FIP 0.1 WAR
RP Mike Hartley 1-2 4.00 ERA 109 ERA+ 1.50 WHIP 3.82 FIP 0.8 WAR

RP Carl Willis 3-0 3.10 ERA 141 ERA+ 1.25 WHIP 2.80 FIP 1.3 WAR
RP Larry Casian 5-3 3.02 ERA 145 ERA+ 1.28 WHIP 2.92 FIP 1.1 WAR
The bullpen was stretched by a starting staff that pitched just five complete games all season, but ended up being a relative strength for a fairly bad team.


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