10-Team Playoffs

Major League Baseball has made it official: baseball will add an extra wild card spot to each league, meaning that a total of 10 (out of 30) major league teams will make the postseason each year.

From the home team’s perspective, I don’t think it matters for 2012. Even if the Twins somehow manage to have enough wins to contend for either of the AL wild card spots, they would very likely be at the top of a very weak-looking AL Central.

Overall, I would prefer there be zero wild cards. If you are going to have non-division winners in the postseason, however, I am for anything that gives those teams an additional handicap. Having to play an extra game, even just the one scheduled for the playoff, puts the wild card team at a greater disadvantage compared with the division winners.

So, I hate that the 162-game season means a little less now, but I like that winning the division means a little more. We can call it a push.

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