Clubhouse Leader

When Michael Cuddyer signed with the Colorado Rockies this offseason, conventional wisdom was that the team had lost its clubhouse leader. I don’t know what goes on off the field, or who is considered a clubhouse leader by the rest of the team, but here is what I have been waiting for a teammate of Joe Mauer’s to say since the whispers became an out-and-out chorus of criticisms about a year ago:

When I called him to talk about Morneau, the first thing he did was say he didn’t like my column in which I criticized Joe Mauer. He said he used Twitter to criticize the column, and he wanted me to know about that up front.
One thing he was insistent upon, whether the subject was Morneau’s worries or Mauer’s limited playing time last year, was that he believes that all elite athletes are driven to compete, and if they don’t play it’s because they can’t play.
Unfortunately, the guy who stood up for his teammate hasn’t played for the Twins since 2004.
Corey Koskie was always one of my favorites.

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