Jarvis Brown

I have been slowly working my way through the 1991 World Series since I got the DVD set for Christmas. As Game 3 progressed into the later innings, CBS flashed a graphic of the two teams’ benches, including the name Jarvis Brown for the Twins. That, of course, was enough to make me look him up on Baseball Reference.

Brown played in 38 regular season games for the Twins in 1991, and four postseason, three of which came in the World Series. Of his 38 regular season appearances, only three were as a starter. For the most part, Brown was a late-inning pinch runner for the Twins.

He was originally drafted by the club as the 9th overall pick in the January 1986 amateur draft. Brown originally got the call from the Twins in July of 1991. In a 2010 profile in The Journal Times, Brown was honest about his major league skills:

“Base stealing, that’s what got me to the Majors,” he said. “And defense.”

Brown was within 90 feet of scoring the World Series winning run for the Twins in 1991, but was stranded at third base when Paul Sorrento struck out in the bottom of the ninth in Game 7. An inning later, Brown’s spot in the batting order came up with the bases loaded and one out, but of course Tom Kelly went to Gene Larkin for the game-winner.
Even though he has a World Series ring, Jarvis Brown listed this game as his personal highlight. He came on as a pinch runner and stole second base and third base off of Ivan Rodriguez, who as a 19-year-old that season was throwing out almost 50% of attempted base stealers.

2 Responses to Jarvis Brown

  1. […] Coffeyville Whirlwind is investigating the curious case of Jarvis Brown, who won a World Series ring with the Twins in 1991, but whom I’ve never heard of.  As a young Twins fan, not yet into my 30s, the 1991 Twins were everything to me as a youngster, but I had almost no idea of baseball at the time, not even yet in little league.  Turns out the 1986 1st round draft choice built a career on stealing bases, making his Major League debut earlier in 1991 before lacing it up for the Twins in the greatest World Series ever. […]

    • joe fishof says:

      I just met Jarvis Brown and his lady Lola at their niece’s wedding in Chicago this past weekend. He’s the real deal.Joe Fishof

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