1916: Gandil Sold

February 15, 1916

Arnold Gandil, whose usefulness to the Washington Club ended when Manager Griffith declared that Joe Judge was the man for the job, finally has been disposed of …. had been sold outright to Cleveland.

Chick Gandil had been regarded as one of the best first basemen in baseball during his time in Washington, but managed to fall out of favor with Clark Griffith, possibly due to Gandil’s habit of smoking in between innings. Just four years prior, Griffith had called Gandil the “missing link” in his infield and gave him credit for turning the team around in 1912.

Griffith got $5,000 in exchange for Gandil, which was reportedly about half what he could have gotten had Gandil cleared American League waivers and landed with the Boston Braves. Though Chick had made a name for himself in Washington, he wasn’t the highest profile signing by Cleveland in the offseason. The Naps also brought in Tris Speaker.

Gandil, of course, is now known more for his role in the Black Sox scandal than his time with Washington. It was in his first season in Washington, 1912, that Gandil first met gambler Joseph “Sport” Sullivan, who would be a key figure in the scandal.

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