1991: Twins Sign Morris

February 5, 1991

There is nothing quite so optimistic as a major league agent selling his client:

“He is eight years younger than Nolan Ryan, you know, and maybe sometime before he’s 60 he won’t be able to do what he has been doing through his career.”

So said Dick Moss, agent of Jack Morris, who would be entering his age 36 season in 1991.

Morris, who had been with Detroit since he entered the league in 1979, turned down a 3-year deal worth $9 million in guaranteed money by the Tigers to take an incentive-heavy deal with his hometown team, the Minnesota Twins.

Morris was a little more realistic in his self-assessment:

“Maybe I don’t have the extra couple of inches on my fastball that I had when I was younger, but I hope my mental approach and gut feeling of what pitch to throw makes up for my lack of velocity. I know of only one way to pitch – and that’s hard. If I back up and get cutesy, my stuff just gets worse.”

But, he added of the incentive-laden contract:

“If I didn’t think I could pitch, I wouldn’t be doing this. The way I look at it, it’s a gamble, but I’m going home to pitch where I’ve wanted to play at some time in my career.”


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