Baseball In DC During WWII

Mark Hornbaker at Nationals Daily News posted some stories shared by George Case III (son of George Case, Jr. who played for the Nats from 1937-1945). It is well worth a read.

One of the stories is about Buddy Lewis:

Buddy Lewis, “flew the Hump” in a DC 3 during the war – my dad related an interesting story about Buddy – in 1943, Buddy stopped by Griffith Stadium to say “good-bye” to his Washington teammates – he told them that he had to take his plane out of Andrews but to look for him – my dad was in the on deck circle and there was Buddy Lewis in a DC3 coming in low and fast over Griffith Stadium dipping his wings and my dad threw his bat in the air as his way of saying “we know it’s you Buddy – be safe.”

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