Five Years and Counting

The White Sox were in the midst of a World Series run when I discovered blogspot five years ago. When it started, CW was a stop for an occasional baseball rant as I began my fascination with advanced baseball statistics. The first few posts involved some critiques of FOX’s World Series coverage and some interest in Bush’s nominee to replace Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve.

It took a few months of dabbling (and a switch to wordpress) to find a niche – which, as it turned out, was predominantly Twins history (of course by “Twins” I mean the franchise that includes both Minnesota and Washington).

In the last five years I have moved across the Twin Cities, gone back to school, changed careers, and introduced two new Twins fans into the world. I go back and forth as to whether I continue to have time to write here (lately the answer to that question has been decidedly negative), but in the end I just can’t stay away. Following blog traffic is fun and all, but the reason I write about Twins history is because it is interesting, and it gives me something to do that is wholly unrelated to the rest of my daily life. The fact that others seem interested is icing on the cake.

I intend to continue posting through the offseason, though probably not as frequently. I want to plow through the 90’s in the franchise series, but also to focus some more on biographies of some of the more interesting but less well known characters from the history of the franchise.


One Response to Five Years and Counting

  1. Beau says:

    I admit I don’t check this site as often as I used to (some of that may be because my life is busier, and part of it may be how much there is on the WGOM to sift through), but I’m glad you’re not shutting down. You provide a service no other blogger in the Twin Cities is doing.

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