1996: Chuck Knoblauch’s Streak

Thursday July 11, 1996

On June 29th Chuck Knoblauch, already batting .347/.436/.487 for the Twins, went 3-for-5 with a double and a pair of triples in a 12-7 Twins win over the Kansas City Royals. That was the start of a string of 10 games in which Knoblauch had a streak of multi-hit performances.

He had one other three-hit game during the streak – a July 6th game at the Metrodome against Kansas City (a game in which two of his hits were home runs). The rest of the streak involved two-hit games. Over the course of the 10 games, Knoblauch had 22 total hits. 14 of those hits went for extra bases, including six doubles, four triples, and four home runs. His slugging percentage rose from .487 to .575 in 10 games (he slugged 1.143 during the streak).

Overall, he batted .524/.571/.1.143 in 49 plate appearances. He struck out just once.

Unfortunately, Knoblauch’s streak did not show up in the team performance. The Twins went 5-5, which was better than the 36-41 record they had prior, but really didn’t ultimately help in a 78-84 season.


One Response to 1996: Chuck Knoblauch’s Streak

  1. Beau says:

    What a ridiculous season that was. Too bad few people (myself included) saw it.

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