This is Getting Old

Game 85: Blue Jays 8 (43-43), Twins 1 (45-40)

I might as well use a template for these recaps.

{Starting pitcher’s name here} struggled early and gave up {a few/a handful/a large amount} of runs in the first two innings. The Twins’ offense {didn’t show up/scored runs but not enough/came back to tie the game or take a lead that the bullpen couldn’t hold} and the Twins ended up with another loss.

It is fair to say that the 2010 Twins aren’t a whole lot of fun to follow right now.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Brett Cecil
2. Alex Gonzalez
3. Adam Lind

Standings (through Thursday)
1. Det 46-37, 384-377, –
2. Chi 46-38, 365-355, 0.5
3. Min 45-40, 395-355, 2.0
4. KC 39-46, 377-409, 8.0
5. Cle 33-52, 346-427, 14.0


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