Home Runs for Everyone!

Game 83: Twins 7 (45-38), Blue Jays 6 (41-43)

It probably didn’t come the way Ron Gardenhire would have drawn it up, especially considering that Carl Pavano was on the mound, but the Twins were able to out-home run one of the best home run-hitting teams in the league.

On a few occasions, it looked as though this might be another disappointing game for the Twins. First there was the four-run fifth inning for the Blue Jays that put the Twins down 5-2. Then, having fought hard to tie the game and ultimately take the lead on Joe Mauer’s first home run in ages, Pavano coughed the lead up on an Edwin Encarnacion home run.

Still, the Twins were able to win. If the offense can continue to score seven runs per game, this team will be okay. Pavano was not at his best on Tuesday, but the team was still able to pull out the victory – and the bullpen was able to hold on (something that was touch-and-go at best over the weekend).

All-in-all, a nice win to start a string of good play heading into the break (one can hope).

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Edwin Encarnacion
2. Denard Span
3. Delmon Young

Standings (through Tuesday)
1. Det 45-37, 380-375, –
2. Min 45-38, 389-341, 0.5
3. Chi 44-38, 359-353, 1.0
4. KC 38-46, 370-406, 8.0
5. Cle 33-50, 341-418, 12.5


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