Looking Up at the Tigers

Game 76: Tigers 7 (41-34), Twins 5 (41-35)

A team that digs itself a four run hole in the first inning rarely wins the game, and that was the case for the Twins in Monday night’s game against the Tigers. Francisco Liriano threw extended batting practice until about the seventh batter came to the plate. By the time he had it figured out, the Twins might as well have considered themselves a second-place team.

On the positive side, they didn’t roll over and die like they had so often over the past week on the road. The offense actually had fans believing that they might come back. Indeed, they were able to make it a game, but moral victories are pretty hollow at this point.

Highlights from the home team’s perspective were Jim Thome’s triple off the out-of-town scoreboard, his home run to the opposite field, and the guy who got to second base on kiss cam.

Now the Twins are in second place for the first time since early April, and only a game-and-a-half out of third place.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Jim Thome
2. Jose Valverde
3. Ryan Rayburn

Standings (through Monday)
1. Det 41-34, 342-335, –
2. Min 41-35, 350-309, 0.5
3. Chi 39-36, 325-331, 2.0
4. KC 33-44, 345-376, 9.0
5. Cle 28-47, 311-387, 13.0


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