Game 74: Twins 6 (41-33), Mets 0 (42-32)

I don’t think what Carl Pavano has meant to this club over the past week can be overstated. While every other starter on this team is struggling, Pavano has had his two best games of the year back-to-back. It helps that the Twins put four on the board in the first inning, but the way the pitching has been going a four-run lead seems shaky. It wasn’t for Pavano, who threw a rare (and valuable) shut out.

For all of the negatives of this road trip through the National League, if the Twins can find a way to win on Sunday they will go home with a 4-5 record – not as good as you want from this team, but not as bad as it has felt for the past few days.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Carl Pavano
2. Delmon Young
3. Jason Kubel

Standings (through Saturday)
1. Min 41-33, 345-296, –
2. Det 39-34, 325-326, 1.5
3. Chi 39-34, 318-320, 1.5
4. KC 31-44, 332-372, 10.5
5. Cle 26-47, 304-383, 14.5


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