…by the Brewers

Game 72: Brewers 5 (32-40), Twins 0 (40-32)

It has gotten to the point where a late inning hit by Drew Butera seemed to be the only thing between Gallardo and perfection over the Twins’ lineup. Sure, there were some hits after that, but you got the feeling that the Milwaukee pitcher had quit showing his best stuff after the Butera single.

The fun seems to have been sucked out of this season, at least out of this particular road trip. Even the wins seem to be a debacle for Gardy’s crew. The Twins have really just been treading water for the bulk of the last two months, and the magic that made the Twins one of the best AL teams in April seems to have faded.

The fun will return, I think. It may need a boost via trade or some other personnel change*, but this team is too good to just play .500 ball, and I am still convinced that this should, ultimately, be a sizeable AL Central win for the Twins (White Sox’ streak notwithstanding).

In the meantime, I’m glad I have the World Cup to keep me occupied and entertained, because following the Twins just isn’t doing it anymore.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Yovani Gallardo
2. Rickie Weeks
3. Prince Fielder

AL Central Standings (through Thursday)
1. Min 40-32, 337-291, –
2. Det 39-32, 321-319, 0.5
3. Chi 37-34, 309-318, 2.5
4. KC 30-43, 325-365, 10.5
5. Cle 26-45, 297-367, 13.5

*UPDATE: Move made. Not only does this (finally) get rid of the worst bat in the lineup, but it has potential to take some of the pressure off of Denard Span – in other words, if this ends Michael Cuddyer’s career as a center fielder and gives Span some days off, it will be a positive move (and really all Repko needs to be able to do with the bat is out-perform Harris).


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