2002: Here, You Can Borrow My Glasses

Tuesday June 24, 2002

The Twins have had several memorable games with their rivals from Chicago, one of those occurred in late June 2002.

The White Sox took a 3-0 lead in the third under circumstances that LENIII found controversial:

Ray Durham’s sacrifice fly to left in the third scored Royce Clayton for a 1-0 lead, but Durham was awarded first base when Jones was charged with an error for dropping the ball. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire argued that the ball fell during the transfer from Jones’ glove to hand, and not during the catch.

The explosion, however, came after one of Ron Gardenhire’s pet peeves:

Four batters later, Magglio Ordonez hit his 13th homer to make it 3-0. Twins righthander Matt Kinney then lost control of a changeup that sailed behind Paul Konerko, and plate umpire Brian Gorman issued warnings to both benches.

Gardenhire hit the roof.

He rushed on to the field to argue and soon was ejected by Gorman. Gardenhire continued to yell at Gorman and soon drew crew chief Jerry Crawford into the discussion. Gardenhire, while standing on the mound, kicked at the dirt, threw his hat, threw a wad of gum that was in his mouth and later threw his scouting reports out of the dugout. It was a fit of which Lou Piniella would have been proud.

“He almost blew out an Achilles’ [tendon],” first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz said of Gardenhire’s kicking. “The whole infield was laughing.”

Gardenhire has been thrown out of three games this season, compared to five for predecessor Tom Kelly in 15-plus seasons.

Gardy had more to say on the subject after the game…

“The league wants to stop all the B.S. that goes on in the game with guys getting beaned,” Gardenhire said. “My problem is that Roger Clemens comes out and says he’s going to do something to Barry Bonds’ elbow. What happens to Roger Clemens when he hits him? Not a freaking thing. We have a kid throw a changeup and he gets a warning? I don’t understand.”

Gardenhire said he has a problem with the league’s philosophy.

The score was 4-2 in the bottom of the seventh before the Twins finally caught up on Torii Hunter’s two-run home run off of starting pitcher John Garland. While he circled the bases, according to Neal, Hunter was far from quiet:

“We were in Florida for spring training, and they were in Arizona and they were talking about us,” Jones said of the White Sox. “We aren’t worrying about the White Sox, the Yankees or the A’s. We are worried about who we are going to play that day, and we go out and play hard.”

Jones wasn’t alone in pointing out comments the Twins have read or heard from White Sox players about this and past series. When Hunter connected off righthander Jon Garland to tie the score, he admitted to saying something to the White Sox bench during his trot.

“I can’t say what I said,” Hunter said with a sly smile.

The Twins took the lead in the bottom of the eighth inning when Jacque Jones doubled Luis Rivas home from second. Jones was called out trying to stretch the double to a triple – a call that at least one Metrodome security guard disagreed with.

Gary Baggott, the security officer who was ejected from Monday’s game for taunting an umpire, will not be punished by the Twins.

The umpiring crew wanted Baggott fired, but Matt Hoy, the Twins’ vice president of operations, said that won’t happen.

Baggott was tossed in the ninth when he took his glasses and waved them at umpires.

The Twins won the game and kept their security team in tact.



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