Can We Do That First Inning Over?

Game 66: Rockies 5 (34-32), Twins 1 (38-28)

Francisco Liriano was all over the place in the first inning. Not only did he allow four hits, but he walked a batter and hit two more with pitches. It was ugly, and the Rockies could have easily scored more than the three runs they got.

He found his way starting in the second inning, and if you were somehow able to remove the first inning from his line you would have a pretty good Liriano start. Unfortunately, you can’t do that, and the get-away lineup had zero chance of scoring three or more runs against the National League’s best pitcher.

Though they put up more of a spirited effort than I thought they might, the Twins only managed one run against Jiminez and the Colorado bullpen. Word is Orlando Hudson might be activated before Friday’s game in Philadelphia. He can’t jump in this lineup soon enough.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Ubaldo Jiminez
2. Troy Tulowitzki
3. Matt Tolbert

Standings (through Thursday afternoon)
1. Min 38-28, 307-254, –
2. Det 36-29, 294-283, 1.5
3. Chi 30-34, 280-302, 7.0
4. KC 28-38, 302-338, 10.0
5. Cle 25-39, 272-326, 12.0


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