Groundballs with Eyes

Game 64: Twins 9 (37-27), Rockies 3 (33-31)

Some days you just get the breaks. Those days seem to have been few and far between in the last few weeks for the Twins, but Tuesday night was all about breaks. Aaron Cook’s sinker was working. He was making batter after batter hit ground balls. That formula gave him success through the first three innings, but suddenly, in the fourth inning, the ground balls started finding holes in the infield.

On any other day, I might have had some sympathy for the pitcher. He, for the most part, did his job. The Twins needed this game, however; and perhaps more importantly, they needed some offensive success. The groundballs with eyes turned into  harder hit balls when the Rockies bullpen tried to piece together the rest of the game – including a home run for Matt Tolbert, who also was inexplicably walked by Rockies’ pitchers on two occasions.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Michael Cuddyer
2. Nick Punto
3. Delmon Young

Standings (through Tuesday)
1. Min 37-27, 304-248, –
2. Det 34-29, 278-277, 2.5
3. Chi 29-34, 273-300, 7.5
4. KC 28-37, 300-334, 9.5
5. Cle 25-38, 268-318, 11.5


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