With One Hand Tied Behind Their Backs

Game 63: Braves 7 (37-27), Twins 3 (36-27)

The final score doesn’t really do justice to how the Twins were never really in this game. In fact, the game might have been over from the time the lineups were announced.

I get that players need days off, and have no problem with giving regulars days off every couple of weeks. That said, I don’t think there is any excuse to have Span sitting and Butera catching on the same afternoon, particularly with the entirety of your regular middle infield on the disabled list and considering that there is a scheduled day off tomorrow. I can’t imagine that Kevin Slowey had a lot of faith a.) that the outfield defense would be able to get many fly balls, and b.) that a lineup with Punto in the lead off spot would score him many runs. It may not have mattered.

The Braves scored four in the first, and the game was over.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Kris Medlen
2. Troy Glaus
3. Eric Hinske

Standings (through Sunday)
1. Min 36-27, 295-245, –
2. Det 33-29, 271-273, 2.5
3. Chi 28-34, 267-296, 7.5
4. KC 27-37, 285-327, 9.5
5. Cle 25-37, 262-311, 10.5


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