Another One Run Game Between the Twins and the Braves

Game 62: Braves 3 (36-27), Twins 2 (36-26)

This time it didn’t work out for the right team. On the positive side, the Twins got a good start from Blackburn – usually allowing two runs in seven innings pitched will be plenty for this lineup.

The negative was the run allowed by Matt Guerrier in the bottom of the eighth inning. Walking the number-nine hitter is one of the worst ways to lose a game, and that is exactly what started the rally for the Braves. Perhaps it was justice for the Braves, who blew a golden opportunity handed to them by Delmon Young and Trevor Plouffe in the prior inning. Blanco came around to score on a squeeze play, which even when its successful for the opposing team is an interesting play in baseball. The Twins didn’t look like they were ready for it, and it was executed perfectly by Brooks Conrad.

My only other complaint is the two sacrifice bunts by Trevor Plouffe from number two in the batting order. If Gardy’s faith in Plouffe’s bat is such that the sacrifice is the best play in those situations, he needs to be moved down in the lineup. I’d much rather see Joe Mauer move up than watch the Twins systematically hand outs to the opposition.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Brooks Conrad
2. Billy Wagner
3. Martin Prado

Standings (through Saturday)
1. Min 36-26, 292-238, –
2. Det 32-29, 267-270, 3.5
3. Chi 28-33, 267-295, 7.5
4. KC 26-37, 278-324, 10.5
5. Cle 25-36, 258-302, 10.5


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