1961 Games 62 & 63: Minnesota Twins (24-37) @ Chicago White Sox (27-34)

Sunday June 18, 1961

White Sox 4, Twins 3
White Sox 10, Twins 7

All this losing is starting to catch up with the Twins.

In the midst of the nightcap of a White Sox-Minnesota double-header, a fight suddenly flared in the dugout of the Twins to the shocked amazement of 22,644 spectators.

Camilo Pascual and Bob Allison were the scrappers and only quick intervention by their fellow players undoubtedly spared the spilling of blood.

As is usually the case, one of the peacemakers was the only one hurt. Coach Clyde McCollough was struck in the stomach by a bat Pascual was wielding. And McCullough just recently had an ulcer operation.

The fight started because of an incident on the field. Bob Allison, who was playing first base, shouted at Pascual after a foul ball saying that he needed to hold Minnie Minoso closer to first base. Pascual waved his glove at Allison and yelled for him to mind his own business. On the next pitch Minoso got a big jump off of Pascual and stole second base.

The two then had words on the way to the dugout.

Allison shoved Pascual back into the steel upright post of the dugout and the Cuban squirmed away, leaped onto the front of the dugout and grabbed a bat. The 175-pound pitcher understandably wanted no part of the 220-pound ex-footballer in hand-to-hand combat. He threw the bat at Allison but it struck Coach Clyde McCullough.

The two went after each other again and had to be separated by teammates. It was a sign of the frustration of a season that had started so promising but was now so disappointing.

The frustration may have, in large part, been stirred by the first game. The Twins entered the bottom of the ninth inning with a 3-1 lead. With one out and a man on first, Billy Goodman hit a home run to tie the game. Two batters later, Nellie Fox ended the game with a solo shot off of Pedro Ramos who had come on in relief. It was the major-league leading 20th home run allowed by Ramos.

Team Name                        G    W    L    T   PCT    GB    RS   RA
Detroit Tigers                  64   40   23    1  .635     -   341  269
Cleveland Indians               64   40   24    0  .625   0.5   315  237
New York Yankees                62   38   23    1  .623   1.0   320  250
Boston Red Sox                  63   32   30    1  .516   7.5   279  299
Baltimore Orioles               65   32   32    1  .500   8.5   256  274
Washington Senators             64   30   34    0  .469  10.5   266  289
Chicago White Sox               63   29   34    0  .460  11.0   281  282
Kansas City Athletics           60   26   33    1  .441  12.0   277  315
Minnesota Twins                 63   24   39    0  .381  16.0   268  340
Los Angeles Angels              66   23   42    1  .354  18.0   256  304

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