Days Like This

Game 52: Mariners 7 (20-31), Twins 1 (31-21)

“I think my mechanics were a little bit out of line,” he said. “And it was just one of those days where I couldn’t make the adjustment no matter how hard I tried.” Nick Blackburn quoted by Joe Christensen.

There are always days like this in a baseball season. Nothing went right, everything went wrong. It is some consolation that, for the 2010 Twins, this kind of game is the exception – not the rule.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Jose Lopez
2. Jason Vargas
3. Chone Figgins

AL Central Standings (through Tuesday)
1. Min 31-21, 252-202, –
2. Det 26-25, 223-223, 4.5
3. Chi 22-29, 216-247, 8.5
4. KC 22-31, 231-266, 9.5
5. Cle 19-31, 196-260, 11.0

Wednesday Preview

The Twins renew acquaintances with an old friend in Cliff Lee. Lee faced the Twins once in 2009, and allowed just one run in eight innings. Kevin Slowey will pitch for the Twins.


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