1927: The Big Train’s Final Shutout

Monday May 30, 1927

There had been a great deal of speculation that Walter Johnson’s career would be over following the 1926 season. He hadn’t pitched particularly effectively by his standards, though at the age of 38 he was still better than league average. When he broke his foot in spring training before the 1927 season, the critics called for retirement. Johnson didn’t retire, and instead worked his way back into playing shape.

Two months later he made his first appearance in the 1927 season. It happened in the first game of a double header against the Red Sox at Griffith Stadium.

Johnson was able to answer his critics on that day, hurling a shut out against the Boston Red Sox. It was not the dominant performance that Johnson could esaily turn in years before – he only struck out one batter; but it was a testament to the pitching ability of the future Hall-of-Famer.

It’s not as if he was facing the ’27 Yankees, but Johnson was able to keep a very bad lineup in check. He allowed just three hits, a double and two singles, over the course of nine innings.

It would be the final shutout of Walter Johnson’s career. He continued to pitch through the season, at times flashing brilliance, but ending with a 5.10 ERA and a 5-6 record. Johnson retired following the season.


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