A Pleasant Night Spoiled

Game 45: Yankees 1 (27-18), Twins 0 (26-19)
Game 46: Yankees 3 (28-18), Twins 2 (26-20)

The enduring images of the pseudo double header at Target Field on Wednesday are these:

-Joe Girardi’s pitching change in the bottom of the ninth inning. It really didn’t have any effect on the outcome of the game (at least it shouldn’t have) – but it is one of the reasons that people don’t like the Yankees. With Pettitte on the mound playing as if he was warming up to start the ninth, Girardi waited until the last minute to make the move for Rivera. Every other team in the majors has the closer ready to go just in case, but the Yankees wait until after they take the lead to start warming him up, then pull a “we’re-the-Yankees-and-we’l-make-this-game-go-however-long-we-want-to” by waiting until the start of the half-inning to make a pitching change.

-Delmon Young batting with two outs in the bottom of the ninth while Jim Thome and Jason Kubel sit on the bench in a one-run game.

-The Yankees celebrating two wins in one night on the Twins’ field.

WPA Stars of the Game (Game 46)
1. Nick Swisher
2. Andy Pettitte
3. Mariano Rivera

(Game 45 doesn’t seem to be updated yet, but I will go out on a limb and say Derek Jeter is probably number one on that list)

AL Central Standings (through Wednesday)
1. Min 26-20, 222-182, –
2. Det 25-21, 206-203, 1.0
3. Chi 20-26, 192-218, 6.0
4. KC 19-28, 207-239, 7.5
5. Cle 17-28, 173-221, 8.5

Win at least one: Nick Blackburn vs Javier Vazquez.


One Response to A Pleasant Night Spoiled

  1. Emily says:

    booo Derek Jeter

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