10-Run Rule

Game 42: Twins 15 (25-17), Brewers 3 (16-26)

Something has got to be done about this Joe Mauer kid. The entire lineup went off on Brewers’ pitching Friday night except for Mauer. He went 0-for-3, managing to be the only hitless Twin. Maybe a trade is in order.

For the Twins (including Mauer, who scored both times he walked), Friday’s game was a bit of therapy for the last week of poor hitting and bad luck. Everything seemed to be working as the Twins welcomed back interleague play by batting around and scoring seven runs in the first inning. Trevor Plouffe’s major league debut was a success, and hopefully he will bring an end to this Harris-at-shortstop business. Even Carlos Gomez had a good night, and he doesn’t even play for the Twins anymore (he also managed to make his former manager cranky).

That may be all it takes to snap this team out of the short funk that the East Coast swing brought. The team is back in first place after a brief tie with the Tigers.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Michael Cuddyer
2. Nick Blackburn
3. Orlando Hudson

AL Central Standings (through Friday)
1. Min 25-17, 209-167, –
2. Det 24-18, 189-185, 1.0
3. KC 18-25, 188-25, 7.5
4. Chi 17-24, 173-191, 7.5
5. Cle 15-25, 152-197, 9.0

Saturday’s pitchers: Kevin Slowey vs. Yovani Gallardo.


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