The Ups and Downs of a Long Season

Game 41: Red Sox 6 (22-20), Twins 2 (24-17)

In any 162-game baseball schedule it is expected that teams will have stretches like the Twins have had over the past week. This team, that once looked like it might never lose a series, has taken a mean downturn on a East coast swing. Over the past seven days the Twins are just 2-5. They have been outscored 35-23 over that stretch, and the lead in the AL Central has evaporated.

Still, there was hope that had the Twins been able to steal the last game in Boston, the road trip wouldn’t look so bad. To me, the first half-inning of the game on Thursday night put to rest any hope that the road trip would end with a win. Lester was too good, Liriano was as bad as he has been, and Twins hitters were not good enough.

So here we stand, now just over a quarter of the way through the season, and the Twins have hit the rough patch. It is fully expected that there will be stretches like this last week, but that doesn’t make it any more tolerable.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Jon Lester
2. Kevin Youkilis
3. Adrian Beltre

AL Central Standings (through Thursday)
t1. Min 24-17, 194-164, –
t1. Det 24-17, 188-181, –
3. KC 17-25, 179-213, 7.5
4. Chi 16-24, 165-191, 7.5
5. Cle 15-24, 148-190, 8.0

Maybe nine games at home will turn things back around – starting with the Brewers on Friday – Nick Blackburn against Dave Bush.


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