It Rained All Night in Boston

Game 40: Red Sox 3  (21-20), Twins 2 (24-16)

Clay Buchholz was obviously the star for Boston, and he did seem to pitch well most of the night. Twins’ hitters seemed off balance, though one can’t help but wonder if some of that had to do with the shifting strike zone.

I’ll say this about the David Ortiz home run: the correct call was made. Why the home run call is so important that umpires are allowed to take shelter from the elements and sip hot cocoa as they review it while other plays, like say fair or foul ball calls along the left field line (or balls and strikes – or pick off plays at first), are left to human error is beyond me. Leave replay to football. Just get the call right the first time.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Clay Buchholz
2. Daniel Bard
3. Denard Span

AL Central Standings (through Wednesday)
1. Min 24-16, 192-158, –
2. Det 23-17, 183-179, 1.0
3. Chi 16-23, 160-185,  7.5
4. Cle 15-23, 145-181, 8.0
5. KC 16-25, 170-210, 8.5

A tough road trip through the AL East comes to an end Thursday night in Boston. Francisco Liriano will try to help the Twins end it on a high note. Boston will send Jon Lester to the mound.


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