In Which I Try Not to Discuss the Game

Game 39: Blue Jays 11 (24-17), Twins 2 (24-15)

The Blue Jays are an interesting team. Now, it is easy to say that after they beat my favorite team 11-2, but there is something to be said for a team that hits that many home runs. Four more on Tuesday gave them a total of 65 in 41 games, by far the best in the American League. If ever the wait for the three-run home run strategy could apply, it may be to this Blue Jays’ team. If they can just get a little bit of pitching, which they have so far, they might make the AL East a lot more interesting. Perhaps it is just the part of me that wants the Yankees and Red Sox to finish 4th and 5th.

On another note, I remember when Skydome was the MLB showcase. It was a state-of-the-art stadium that everyone wanted to see and teams like the Twins envied. Now, I think, Rogers Centre is one of the worst ballparks in baseball. Not that its a bad building, just that it is the last multi-purpose stadium built that hosts a major league baseball team. It is not a ballpark, its a stadium. And it was not even 1/3rd full for the Monday night game.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Shaun Marcum
2. Edwin Encarnacion
3. Lyle Overbay

AL Central Standings (through Tuesday afternoon)
1. Min 24-15, 190-155, –
2. Det 22-17, 178-178, 2.0
3. Chi 16-22, 158-182, 7.5
4. Cle 15-22, 141-173, 8.0
5. KC 15-24, 159-202, 9.0

On to Boston – Scott Baker vs. Clay Buchholz is the pitching matchup for game on on Wednesday night.


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