It’s Getting Old

Game 35: Yankees 8 (23-12), Twins 4 (22-13)

It seems to have played out this way too many times. The Twins look good against the Yankees, take a lead into the later innings, then watch as (insert Yankee player here) hits a late home run off of the bullpen.

What is frustrating is that the team had its chances. In the second inning, AJ Burnett couldn’t seem to throw strikes. If he did throw a strike, the home plate umpire seemed less than willing to call it that way. Bases loaded, nobody out, and the Twins came away with a single run, scored when Nick Punto walked with the bases loaded.

You saw what Alex Rodriguez did in the bases loaded situation. It was the difference in the game.

Denard Span summarized it nicely, as quoted by LaVelle E. Neal III:

“You look at the games we’ve lost here. It seems like bad luck,” Span said. “They aren’t running away from us. It gets old. The last couple years we’ve come here, the same thing.”

It is getting old.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Alex Rodriguez
2. Joe Mauer
3. Mark Teixeira

AL Central Standings (through Friday)
1. Min 22-13, 173-131, –
2. Det 20-16, 164-165, 2.5
3. Chi 14-21, 144-171, 8.0
4. Cle 13-20, 123-160, 8.0
5. KC 13-23, 146-191, 9.5

Today: Francisco Liriano vs. Andy Pettitte


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