It Got Ugly

Game 36: Yankees 7 (24-12), Twins 1 (22-14)

Not much to say about Saturday’s game. The Twins hit the ball hard, and had little to show for it. The Yankees hit the ball hard, and had seven runs and another win over the Twins to show for it. In the end, the game got very ugly for the visitors.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Andy Pettitte
2. Derek Jeter
3. Mark Teixeira

AL Central Standings (through Saturday afternoon)
1. Min 22-14, 174-138, –
2. Det 20-16, 164-165, 2.0
3. Chi 14-21, 144-171, 7.5
4. Cle 13-20, 123-160, 7.5
5. KC 13-23, 146-191, 9.0

It’s hard to take anybody seriously who calls a mid-May series a “must win” series. Even if the Yankees take care of the seemingly inevitable sweep, the season will go on, the Twins will remain in first place and will most likely continue on their way to the Central crown and the playoffs. If they face the Yankees in October, it really shouldn’t matter what happened in May. The Twins will still be about as good as the Yankees, and either team could take that series. A regular season sweep by the Yankees would not change that fact.

That said, however, from a fan’s perspective, Sunday’s game is a “please win” game. I don’t want to hear anymore about how the Yankees own the Twins, or how the team fades in the bright light of the Bronx, or how the Yankees are on another level compared to the Twins. While perhaps the first is true – it’s hard to argue against a team owning another team with the head-to-head record over the past year plus – the other two statements are silly, and the last is decidedly not true. Not this year, at least. A win in the series finale on Sunday might spare us some of the tired stories in October about how the Twins can’t beat the Yankees. The reality is, I think, that the only way to put truth to the notion that the Twins can’t beat the Yankees is for the players in the Twins’ clubhouse to listen to and start to believe the hype.


2 Responses to It Got Ugly

  1. Beau says:

    –“please win”


  2. Scot says:

    I am pretty sure that if the Twins lose today I will have to go without newspaper/radio/internet/television the next time they travel to New York.

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