Early Season Trends

Alternate title: You Shouldn’t Lose the First Two Against a Team Like the Orioles

Game 30: Orioles 7 (9-21), Twins 3 (19-11)

Two major themes of the 2010 season seemed to be reversed in the Twins’ 7-3 loss against the Orioles. The first was the dominance of Francisco Liriano. He didn’t look terrible, but he certainly was far from the electric pitcher who won the AL Pitcher of the Month award for April. Liriano allowed five earned runs in six innings pitched. He allowed 10 hits, though few of them were particularly well hit. It seemed as though a lot of the Oriole hits are the kind that the Twins have been turning into outs most of this season (such as the Izturis single that just missed Liriano’s glove, the Markakis single later in the inning that did the same). In this regard, Liriano’s struggle doesn’t seem to be much cause for worry, but still frustrating considering the competition.

Another major storyline of 2010 for the Twins has been leaving men on base. That wasn’t really a problem for the Twins on Saturday afternoon. The Twins left a reasonable-sounding five men on base, only because they didn’t have as many men on base as has been customary in 2010. I think I like having the other problem better- that is I would rather they leave a lot of men on base than have none at all. Just a personal preference.

At least it won’t be necessary to stew in this loss for a long time. Let’s play two!

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Nick Markakis
2. Cesar Izturis
3. Julio Lugo

Standings (through Saturday afternoon games)
1. Min 19-11, 152-115, –
2. Det 17-13, 145-139, 2.0
3. Chi 12-18, 122-148, 7.0
4. KC 11-19, 126-165, 8.0
5. Cle 10-18, 99-140, 8.0

Game two tonight: Scott Baker vs. Kevin Millwood.


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