A New Perspective

Game 29: Orioles 2 (8-21), Twins 0 (19-10)

There is no way that I leave happy from this game. I have had partial season tickets for eight seasons now. With kids and a job that gets me up early in the morning, weeknight games have been a struggle for the past few seasons. If this game happened a year ago, I would have spent the drive home cursing myself for even taking the time to attend.

There wasn’t much to see from a Twins’ perspective. The Orioles are not a good team, but they handled the home team rather easily. A pitcher who had been allowing opponents to hit him at a greater than .400 clip essentially shut down on of the best offenses we have seen in these parts since the early ’90s. The Twins continued a frustrating trend of leaving the bases loaded, and left 10 on base in total. It’s a game they should have won.

Carl Pavano looked good holding a pretty bad lineup in check. If the competition had been a little better, this one might have been enjoyable as a pitchers duel. Alas, it was the Orioles.To add some insult, it rained the whole night.

A funny thing about Target Field, however, is that I found some consolation in the loss. It was a fun night at the ballpark. The seats, to my surprise, were shielded completely from the rain. In fact, I learned of the rain only from the HD scoreboard in the early innings (later the umbrellas in other, less fortunate sections were the giveaway). I had another Cuban sandwich, and got to keep score most of the game, something that has become more of a luxury the larger my family gets.

The three-year-old, who spent the bulk of the game punching all of the little holes out of an All-Star ballot, had the line of the night. When Nick Punto’s name was announced for an mid-game at-bat, my son looked up from his task and said, quite loudly “Oh, it’s Nick Punto. I don’t like Nick Punto!,” and went back to punching holes. That’s my boy. A happy camper despite the fact that neither of his favorites were playing (Delmon Young and Joe Mauer). He seemed to latch on to Jason Kubel as a temporary favorite, which is okay by me.

In short: a bad night for the Twins, but not a wasted night for my family.

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Brad Bergeson
2. Carl Pavano
3. Alfredo Simon

AL Central Standings (through Thursday)
1. Min 19-10, 149-108, –
2. Det 16-13, 139-135, 3.0
3. Chi 12-17, 118-141, 7.0
4. KC 11-18, 125-161, 8.0
5. Cle 10-17, 95-134, 8.0

Francisco Liriano takes the hill tonight to head off any talk of a losing streak. Kevin Millwood is up for the Orioles.


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