“Bake just couldn’t get the ball where he wanted it, and after that, all hell broke loose.”

-Ron Gardenhire, quoted by Joe Christensen.

Game 21: Tigers 11 (12-10), Twins 6 (14-7)

If the score had been closer, I would use this space to complain about Paul Emmel’s call in the sixth inning. I would go on to express frustration at how the umpires would allow the tying run to score when, with the bases loaded, the batter sticks his elbow armor nearly into the strike zone to take a hit by pitch. All of this would probably be valid, if the team hadn’t gone on to give up five more runs.

The only way to characterize Wednesday night’s game is as a complete meltdown on the part of the Twins, particularly the pitchers. The only thing to say is “go get ’em tomorrow.”

WPA Stars of the Game
1. Magglio Ordonez
2. Brennan Boesch
3. Jim Thome

AL Central Standings (through Wednesday)
1. Min 14-7, 109-81, –
2. Det 12-10, 107-107, 2.5
3. Cle 9-12, 74-95, 5.0
4. Chi 8-13, 81-100, 6.0
5. KC 8-13, 95-116, 6.0

This game can be forgotten quickly with a good performance in Thursday afternoon’s game: Carl Pavano vs. Dontrelle Willis.


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