Back on Track

Game 17: Twins 8 (12-5), Royals 3 (6-10)

Even though the Twin defeated the Royals handily on Friday night, one still wonders what this team will look like when the offense really gets going.

The main “problem” for this team seems to be stranding runners. On Friday they left 10 more on base. As frustrating as it can be (much worse when the Twins lose) things could be much worse. One of the reasons that the missed opportunities seem to stand out is that this team generates so many scoring opportunities. You don’t load the bases as many times as the Twins do if your team isn’t good at getting on base. The skill of getting on base also translates to situations with men in scoring position, so the team will be okay. I suppose the worse case scenario is that they continue to tally 6-7 runs a game but never get the big hit to score 12-15.

Carl Pavano looked good, and there was a built in revenge storyline after he had a rough start against the Royals on Sunday. He allowed two earned runs in seven innings pitched, including the strange inside-the-park home run off the bat of David DeJesus, and earned the right to get his pitching philosophy in print (from the article linked above):

“I feel like you have your weapons and your weapons don’t change,” Pavano said. “Your strengths are your strengths and, a lot of times, hopefully your strengths match up better than their strengths. Sometimes they don’t.

“I think you have to be inconsistently consistent with how you throw your game. Sometimes that gets tough when your command is off.”


WPA Stars of the Game:
1. Carl Pavano
2. David DeJesus
3. Orlando Hudson

Standings (through Friday)
Min 12-5, 89-58, –
Det 9-8, 76-81, 3.0
Cle 7-9, 54-72, 4.5
KC 6-10, 74-94, 5.5
Chi 6-11, 66-84, 6.0

Tomorrow night the Twins send Nick Blackburn back to the hill on extended rest. The Twins’ lineup will get another crack at Luke Hochevar.

Looking ahead at pitching matchups – Tuesday night in Detroit figures to be Liriano vs Verlander.


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