We Can Start Getting Excited in September

-Tom Kelly on multiple occasions during the 1987 season.

Game 12: Twins 6 (9-3), Royals 5 (4-7)

It was kind of an ugly game for the Twins. Sure, the offense came through often, including Jim Thome’s early two-run home run, Joe Mauer’s single with the bases loaded, and Orlando Hudson’s game-winning home run. It is clear that this team will not have too many problems scoring runs. When the Royals decided to give Jim Thome an intentional pass in order to face Jason Kubel, it seemed for the first time in years that the Twins have an incredibly deep lineup. Opposing pitchers have to pick their poison.

The pitching wasn’t so great, although Blackburn’s performance looks a little different through the lens of the news that he was throwing with a sore elbow. The four scoreless innings pitched by the Twins’ bullpen is great through any lens, but particularly huge considering the bullpen was short two pitchers.

All-in-all its the kind of game that you might forgive a team for losing. This Twins team, however, seems to win those games. If this holds up, we will start getting excited in September.

WPA Stars of the Game (FanGraphs)
1. Orlando Hudson
2. Jon Rauch
3. Brian Duensing

AL Central Standings (through Saturday)
1. Min 9-3, 64-37, –
2. Det 6-5, 54-59, 2.5
3. Cle 5-6, 38-46, 3.5
4. KC 4-7, 53-66, 4.5
5. Chi 4-8, 49-48, 5.0

Sunday’s Series Finale: Carl Pavano vs Luke Hochevar


2 Responses to We Can Start Getting Excited in September

  1. Beau says:

    That’s the thing: we’ve won at least three games this year where it seemed like we were playing like crap. This 2010 hot stove league should help temper the inevitable disappointment of the 1961 version :)

  2. Scot says:

    Yes, my hope is that the 1961 season will provide a sharp contrast with 2010 in terms of what a team can do with a hot start.

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