Maybe They Should Just Get Rid of the Blue Alternate Uniforms

The Twins are 0-1 in the blues this year, 6-2 in other uniforms. I think that should be plenty of a sample size to get rid of the softball uniforms.

Game 9: Red Sox 6 (4-4), Twins 3 (6-3)

The Twins lost their first game at Target Field, dropping a frustrating and often tedious game to the Boston Red Sox. One thing I learned from this game is that rain can significantly slow down a baseball game. In terms of  things that make the pace of a game slower, rain falls in there just after the Yankees and the Red Sox. That may, of course, simply be sour grapes. Other thoughts from the game:

-Denard Span walked four times in the game, was probably the most valuable player for the Twins this afternoon, but finished with an ugly looking 0-for-1 in the classic boxscore. His batting line so far this season: .156/.333/.188.

-Defensive range, especially in the outfield, can be a tough thing to judge. That is to say, a player with little outfield range who commits few errors and/or looks good doing it might slide by with a favorable defensive reputation among the casual baseball observer. Michael Cuddyer might fall into that category, though his arm is a legitimate defensive asset in right field. Delmon Young, on the other hand, seems to be a terrible fielder in both range and error-proneness. This game represents the first time that his fielding has significantly cost the Twins in a way that was visible to even the casual fan. As long as he hits, he will probably get away with his defense. How long that will last is anybody’s guess.

Stars of the Game: 1. Dustin Pedroia, 2. John Lackey, 3. Denard Span

AL Central Standings through Wednesday afternoon:
1. Min 6-3, 40-29, –
2. Det 6-3, 49-44, –
3. KC 4-5, 45-50, 2.0
4. Chi 3-5, 31-31, 2.5
5. Cle 2-5, 24-34, 3.0

Tomorrow’s final game of the series: Francisco Liriano vs. Tim Wakefield


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