A Post About the First Game at Target Field…

…in which I avoid using the word “first” from here on out.

Game 8: Twins 5 (6-2), Red Sox 2 (3-4)

There was a lot of what-have-you and hoopla surrounding this game, but on the field, when it counted, the Twins came through with a 5-2 victory over the Boston Red Sox.

I’ll let Dave Campbell of the AP cover the details of the game. Here are some of my impressions.

-I see no reason for the uniforms the Twins wore today to be considered “alternate” uniforms. They should wear those for every home game. Period.

-The Twins have had a habit of stranding runners so far this season, so it was nice to see them start the game with a crooked number. It certainly helped that Jon Lester couldn’t find the strike zone, and that he and his team attempted to place the blame for that on the umpires early in the game (classy).

-That said, Pavano got away with a balk.

-I love that baseball is leaning on teams to get the game moving (such as when Denard Span was denied time out), but have no problems sending an umpire to look at instant replay while everybody else stands around.

-While I would get irritated when Joe Nathan would be used in the save situation with a three-run lead, I have no such reaction when Rauch comes into the game in that situation. My impression is that Rauch is one of many good arms out of the bullpen, and that while using him for just the ninth is a tad on the uncreative side, it doesn’t hurt the team as much as saving Joe Nathan for similar situations might.

-Overall a great day to be a Twins fan.

-Stars of the Game (based on FanGraphs WPA) 1. Carl Pavano, 2. Jason Kubel, 3. Denard Span

Standings (through Monday afternoon games)
Min 6-2, 37-23, –
Det 5-2, 40-32, 0.5
KC 3-4, 33-41, 2.0
Chi 2-4, 21-20, 2.5
Cle 2-5, 24-34, 3.0

-The Twins get a day off before resuming the series with the Sox at noon on Wednesday. The probables are Kevin Slowey and John Lackey.


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