Nick Punto Was On Deck

That’s what I keep telling myself. Clearly an attempt to rationalize the decision to send J.J. Hardy home when the ball was in the glove of the cut off man. Punto was on deck. Hardy would have been stranded, the Sox would have won either way. Yeah, that’ll work.

Game 7: White Sox 5 (2-4), Twins 4 (5-2)

Stars of the Game (based on WPA): 1. Andruw Jones, 2. Bobby Jenks, 3. Paul Konerko.

Standings (through Sunday)
Det 5-1, 35-22, –
Min 5-2, 32-21, 0.5
Chi 2-4, 21-20, 3.0
Cle 2-4, 22-30, 3.0
KC 2-4, 23-36, 3.0

As frustrating as this loss is, if you had said the team would open the new ballpark with a 5-2 record after a fairly grueling seven-game-in-seven-day road trip, just about any Twins fan would take it.I mean, Detroit ran up its record with games against Kansas City and Cleveland, half of which were at home.

Monday afternoon’s first ever game in Target Field vs 3-3 Red Sox. Pitching matchup: Carl Pavano vs. Jon Lester


2 Responses to Nick Punto Was On Deck

  1. glanzerr says:

    I told myself the exact same thing. Punto was on-deck. Hardy running home and hoping for a bad throw was the best option. I suppose the Twins could have taken their chances on Jenks throwing a wild pitch.

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