“See you in seven hours”

Ron Gardenhire, after his team defeated the White Sox in 11 innings, as quoted by LEN3.

Game 5: Twins 4 (4-1) White Sox 3 (1-3), 11 innings

The storyline surrounding Game 5 of the 2010 season is the Twins’ schedule. You can read about their travel plans just about anywhere, but there were a couple of more things to glean from the fourth win of the season.

-The combination of the cold Chicago air and the Sox’ pitching staff meant that the Twins were going to have to win this game without the long ball.

-Francisco Liriano’s performance wasn’t terrible, but it was somewhat maddening. Watching him pepper the same spot outside of the strike zone got frustrating at times, and the five walks issued is something that is going to need to be fixed. His slider looked pretty good at times, clearly not as electric as the slider of 2006, but better than 2009.

-Speaking of maddening, the first inning was about as bad as it gets. Bases loaded, nobody out, no runs scored. I don’t know Orlando Hudson well enough to know if the base running mistake was isolated, or if it is something he does regularly. Hopefully the former is the case.

-The bullpen continues to look like a strength for the Twins. Guerrier’s six outs were huge, and Duensing was able to clean up his own mess in the 10th inning and pitch two scoreless innings for the Twins.

-Joe Mauer only caught the final inning, but throwing out Alex Rios was one of the bigger plays of the game. It was clearly a failed hit and run, and the play wasn’t particularly close, but the fact remains that if Rios steals second in that spot the Sox likely tie the game.

-Stars of the Game (based on WPA): 1. J.J. Hardy, 2. Matt Guerrier, 3. Brian Duensing.

Standing through Friday:
Min 4-1, 26-15, –
Det 3-1, 22-12, 0.5
Cle 2-2, 12-17, 1.5
KC 2-2, 14-20, 1.5
Chi 1-3, 15-14, 2.5

Noon Today: Scott Baker v. Freddy Garcia


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