“As a pitching staff, it’s certainly encouraging to know that we’re going to score runs,”

That’s Kevin Slowey, the beneficiary of a 10-run outburst, as quoted by Joe Christensen.

Game 4: Twins 10 (3-1) @ Angels 1 (1-3)

There is a lot to be happy about on the heels of the Twins’ first series win in Anaheim since 2002.

-The team has hit a total of nine home runs. By way of reference, it took the team 12 games to hit the first nine home runs of the 2009 season.

-Twins are hitting .252/.325/.504 as a team and lead the AL in slugging percentage and home runs (player HR breakdown: Morneau 2, Young 2, Hardy 2, Mauer 1, Harris 1, Thome 1).

-With the exception of Baker on opening night, Twins starting pitching has looked strong.

-The  bullpen has allowed just three runs in 11 1/3 innings pitched.

So just about everything seems to be clicking so far in this short season. One could fret about the 4-for-33-with-1-walk posted by the top two hitters in the lineup, but then one could spin it in such a way as to phrase it: “the Twins have scored 22 runs in four games – imagine what the offense will look like when Span and Hudson come around.”

Rally-killers: 15 of the Twins’ 22 runs have come as a result of the long ball. Next thing you know the team will be accused of “clogging” the bases and waiting around for the 3-run home run.

Stars of the Game (based on WPA):
1. Brendan Harris – his home run in the 5th was the single biggest play of the game.
2. Jim Thome – creeping up on Killebrew.
3. Pat Neshek – just 2/3 innings pitched, but high leverage outs.

Standings through Thursday
Min 3-1, 22-12, –
Det 2-1, 17-10, 0.5
Cle 2-1, 10-12, 0.5
Chi 1-2, 12-10, 1.5
KC 1-2, 10-17, 1.5

Now the team has a quick turnaround before the weekend series in Chicago (a bit of a sore subject for the Twins). Tonight’s probables: Francisco Liriano vs. John Danks.


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