Franchise WAR Leaders

via Twinkie Town, a list of the Washington/Minnesota all-time WAR leaders.

WAR (wins above replacement) is the stat-du-jour for baseball geeks these days, so it is kind of fun to look at the list that includes players from the entire 110 year existence of the Twins/Nats franchise.

First, top ten position players:

1. Rod Carew 62.7
2. Harmon Killebrew 61.4
3. Sam Rice 51.0
4. Kirby Puckett 44.8
5. Joe Judge 43.5
6. Tony Oliva 42.4
7. Goose Goslin 41.4
8. Buddy Myer 39.4
9. Joe Cronin 35.5
10. Chuck Knoblauch 35.4

More recent/current players are 14. Joe Mauer 33.1 and 30. Torii Hunter 16.9.

Now pitchers:

1. Walter Johnson 127.7
2. Bert Blyleven 45.7
3. Brad Radke 41.4
4. Johan Santana 32.1
5. Camilo Pascual 30.5
6. Jim Kaat 26.7
7. Frank Viola 24.5
8. Firpo Marberry 23.8
9. Dave Goltz 23.7
10. Dutch Leonard 23.5

The gap between Johnson and the rest is sizable.

Click on the link for the whole list, but here is where it gets interesting to me: when considered as a rate stat, WAR ranks two current Twins on top of the respective lists. Joe Mauer tops the position players with 7.83 WAR/700 PA. Joe Nathan tops pitchers with 9.46 WAR/200 IP. For what it’s worth Walter Johnson ranks fifth among pitchers with 4.32 WAR/200 IP.


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