1982: In Anticipation of a New Ballpark

From Patrick Reusse’s column in the March 6, 1982 edition of The Sporting News:

The sports consumer can be a strange animal. If you don’t believe that, check out what is going on these days with the Minnesota Twins.

In 1981, the Twins had the worst record in 21 years in Minnesota. They were 41-68 for the split season.

The Twins’ response to this was to announce a ticket pricing policy that gives the fans only two ranges- $8 and $4. And only 7,000 of the 54,000 seats are priced at $4. That gives the Twins the highest average ticket price, nearly $7.50, in the major leagues for 1982.

And how has Minnesota’s sporting public responded to all of this? They have been buying advanced tickets as never before. As manager Billy Martin opened training camp with a roster filled with rookies and rejects, the folks in the Twins front office were talking about setting an all-time attendance record in 1982.

Obviously, the reason for the excitement can’t be enthusiasm for a team that figures to drop out of the American League West race sometime before Mother’s Day. And it isn’t because of a sudden love affair with the Griffiths.

It is the dome. The Hubert H. Humphery Metrodome is the official title. It was belittled and battled against and no one still knows where the fans will park when they make the trip to downtown Minneapolis, but this has not stopped the ticket buying.


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