The Best New Feature at Target Field

My guess is that it will take several games to discover many of the amenities that Target Field has that the Metrodome lacked. As part of the open house last weekend, the Twins solicited feedback on the new ballpark. My wife took them up on the offer and suggested that the family restrooms include hooks for coats, diaper bags, etc.* To my surprise, it wasn’t but a few hours later that she received a response from John McEvoy, Manger, Ballpark Operations, saying that hers was a great idea and the hooks should be installed before the home opener on April 12.

*She was also hoping for a chair to sit in while feeding the baby, but we discovered after the open house that the Twins have accommodations for nursing mothers at the Guest Service areas.

So, this season as you hang your jacket, diaper bag, or what-have-you up in the restroom, you know who to thank.

On a somewhat-related note, I have been following the blog of Sam Graves and Michael Sack at Two Men On. In terms of accessibility, I think Target Field is miles ahead of the Metrodome, but Graves and Sack will get to judge for themselves when they take a tour of the new park at the invitation of the Twins on April 5. I look forward to their report.


2 Responses to The Best New Feature at Target Field

  1. gravessack says:

    Hi, My name is Michael Sack of TWO MEN ON. I was at the Exhibition Game on Friday. While I was writing my first Reaction post yesterday, my computer deleted over 200 words. So, I was planning to post my reaction to Target Field.

  2. Scot says:

    Michael- The pictures you posted instead are a decent substitute.

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